The Benefits of Real Estate Planning

-Real-Estate-PlanningDetermining what will become of your property, your personal items, vehicles, and financial savings can be a lot to think about. Many people put off making an official will and unintentionally end up costing their loved ones extra grief during their time of loss.

Unfinished business may leave the majority of your assets for the government to attend to. This can be an expensive and lengthy probate process that takes money away from your family instead of providing them with it.

Planning For the Future

Taking some time now to research your options may leave your family with thousands of extra dollars that otherwise may end up going to taxes. Beneficiaries and loved ones may have to pay an estate tax up to 35% if you don’t play your cards properly. Planning on how to take care of your estate consists of much more than simply preparing a will. It functions as a vital planning process to lessen the financial impact your death will have on your remaining family members. It provides an outline for your loved ones to follow during their time of need and the means to prepare and resolve any potential issues that may occur along the way.

Creating A Will

This important legal document does cost some time, energy and money to prepare. However, leaving the distribution of your assets in a guided, legal document can help ensure that your final wishes are secured. Being able to clearly state your intentions can help your family avoid conflict in the future.
Many people think about the main residence when it comes to reviewing one’s estate. However, there are a variety of properties or residences that need to be taken into consideration including:

  • Recreational property
  • Pre-purchased burial plots
  • Commercial or Business property
  • Land
  • Rental property

It is important to designate your assets ahead of time and communicate your wishes through a will. Ideally, it would be nice to be able to share your plans with all of the involved family members ahead of time and thus avoid future conflict. Sadly, many families will choose to dispute their loved one’s final wishes either way.

Save On Taxes

Parting with your assets while you are still alive can be a way to significantly reduce copious amounts of your estate being swallowed up by taxes after you die. Depending on where you live, you may be able to “gift” various items to loved ones to provide them with a tax shelter. Of course, signing over large amounts of property or cash prior to your passing has to be done only with those whom you completely trust.

Hiring a Great Lawyer

Trying to negotiate all of the fine print when discussing such complex issues is not recommended. Having a reputable lawyer whom you can trust on hand can help you organize your business. The benefits of real estate planning can ensure you pay off your mortgage on time or early and that you have something to leave to your loved ones later on.

Be sure to discuss any questions or concerns you have regarding your property division. For example, many people want to leave their home to their kids but do not want to have their children’s spouses’ benefit in the event of divorce etc. Be as honest and direct with your lawyer as possible so that they have all of the crucial components when wording your legal documents. Protecting your assets and the future of your beneficiaries is important.

Let Your Property Earn Cash

The benefits of real estate planning don’t have to refer solely to what happens later in life. By efficiently crunching the numbers, you may decide that by renting a room or renting out the upper or lower floor of your home will enable you to pay off your mortgage much sooner than your original amortization. This can leave you debt free much sooner than you planned.

Alternatively, all the interest you saved by paying off your mortgage early could amount to another down payment for a subsequent piece of property. By choosing to be a landlord of a commercial or residential space, you can have the renters paying your mortgage for you. This is an excellent way to have an income property in place.

Real estate planning is much easier to accomplish when you rely on sound advice from an experienced lawyer. Isn’t it time you reviewed your current estate plan to see if everything has been settled as efficiently and smoothly as possible?